Mohamed Smahi

  • I learned that we learn lessons and then face exams, but in life, we face exams then we learn lessons.
  • I learned that it’s not important where you are now, but the most important is where are leading now.
  • I learned that it’s better for anyone to be a turtle on the right way rather than being a deer on the wrong way.
  • I learned that the key of failing is trying to please everybody you know.
  • I learned that it’s better for someone to regret something rather than being sad for that something.
  • I learned that people forget how fast you’ve accomplished your task and remember the type of what you accomplished.
  • I learned that there are many people who get advices and only a few benefit from those advices.
  • I learned that the good climber focuses on his goal and does not look down where the dangers that distract the brain.
  • I learned that there are people who swim towards the ship and others that waste their time waiting for it.
  • I learned that one does not finish when he/she loses, but when he/she retreats.
  • I learned that who wins at the end is the one that has power of patience and bareness.
  • I learned that when you smile/laugh the world smiles to you, and when you cry you cry alone.
  • I learned that there is a big difference between stepping back and escaping.
  • I learned that the best feeling is when you feel that you did the right thing even if the whole world was against you.
  • I learned that all we see great in this life started with a small idea.
  • I learned that it is necessary to know leaving the table when love is not served.
  • Last but not least, I learned that smiling does not cost anything but it means a lot.

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