Azerbaijan’s state symbols

Under the constitution Azerbaijan’s state symbols are the state flag, state emblem and national anthem.

On 9th November 1918, the Government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted the first resolition on a tricolour national flag. After the collapse of the Azerbaijan Republic on 28th April 1920 and establishment of Soviet regime, the flag was rejected. The tricolour was restored on 17th November 1990, following a decision made at the Supreme Majlis session of the Nakhchivan Autonomous  Republic and approved as its national flag. The issue of official recognition of the tricolour as the national flag by the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR was put on the agenda fro its session. On 5th February 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR considered an appeal by the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and adapted the tricolour as the national flag of Azerbaijan.

Blue – Turkic origin

Red – Modernity and democracy

Green – Islam

The crescent and octagonal star-the sign of the Moon and the Sun, eternity, secularity.

The state emblem was adopted by the law and charter signed by the Azerbaijani president on 19 January 1993.

The shield of the emblem – defence

Tricolor circular lines – the flag

The octagonal star on the circular lines – the Sun

The tongues of flame in the middle of the octagonal star – the land of fire

Wheat ears – abundance

Branches of the oak tree – eternity

Azerbaijani anthem, written by Uzeyir Hajibayovwith lyrics by Ahmad Javad, was adopted as the national anthem, according to a law signed by the Azerbaijani president on 27 May 1993.

Music by Useyir Hajibeyov

Words by Ahmed Javad

Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!
You are the country of heroes!
We will die so that you might be alive!
We will shed our blood to defend you!
Long lives your three-colored banner!
Thousands of people sacrificed their lives
You’re become the field of battles.
Every soldier fighting for you,
Has become a hero.
We pray for your prosperity,
We make sacrifice our lives to you
Our sincere love to you,
Comes from the bottom of our hearts.
To defend your honours,
To hoist your banner,
All the young people are ready.
Glorious motherland,
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!

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