March 31 – Genocide of the Azerbaijanis

Over a long period Azerbaijanis have repeatedly incurred planned genocides. As a result of massive departation and slaughter, today there’s not an Azerbaijani in modern Armenia, where historically the majority of the population were Azerbaijanis.

Since the early 20th century Armenian chauvinists, who were supported first by the Russian Tsar, then the Soviet Union, aimed to clear the South Caucasus of local people in the hope of creating “Greater Armenia”. As a result of frequent crimes of Genocide by the Armenians, two million Azerbaijanis were deported, 1.5 million were killed and ancient settlements, including historical monuments, were destroyed.

According to the Gulustan treaty (1813) and Turkmenchay treaty (1828), concluded between Russia and Iran, as well as Edirne Treaty (1829) between Russia and Ottoman Empire, 125.000 Armenians migrated from Turkey and Iran to Azerbaijani territories.

Although the Armenians setlled in Azerbaijani khanates such as Irevan, (the modern-day Armenian  capital Yerevan and nearby territories), Nakhchivan and Garabagh were in the minority compared with Azerbaijanis, they succeeded in creating on the territories of previous Irevan and Nakhchivan khanates an administrative entity called the “Armenian region” by Russian Tsar decree dated March 21 1828. At the time there was no Armenian state or administrative entity in the land of modern Armenia. In fact the policy of ousting Azerbaijanis from their homelands and slaughtering them was set with this artifical territorial division.

In 1905-07 Armenians overtly carried out massive bloody attacks against Azerbaijanis. The atrocities, begun by Armenians in Baku, covered Azerbaijani villages, as well as Azeri populated villages in the territories of present day Armenia. Hundreds of settlements and were destroyed and thousands of Azerbaijanis were ruthlessly killed.

Having taken advantage of World War I and the February 1917 revolution in Russia, the Armenians got to implement their claims under the motto of the struggle against anti-revolutionary forces in order to sweep the Azerbaijanis away from the Baku governorate. Crimes perpetrated by Armenians at that timeare engraved forever in the memory of Azerbaijani people. Thousands of Azeris were murdered just because of their ethnicity. Approximately 30.000 Azerbaijanis were killed by torture in Baku in just three days in March. The genocide of Azerbaijani people was carried out in a specific, brutal manner in regions such as Baku, Shamakhi, Guba, Garabagh, Zengezur, Nakhchivan, Lenkaran and Goychay. The Armenians skillfully taking advantage of the sovietisation of the South Caucasus, declared Azerbaijan’s Zengezur region to be part of the territory of the Armenian SSR in 1920.

31 March was declared the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis in order to commemorate all the genocide tragedies of the Azerbaijani people.

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