The origin of the Azerbaijani language

Since early times the Azerbaijanis were speaking proto-Turkic language. Yet in the early medieval times  (3rd-7th centuries), despite dialect differences, indigenous and migrated  Turkic ethnics began to merge as a unique nation. In this period some phonetic traits that differentiated the Azerbaijani language from other Turkish ones emerged. During the 7th and 8th centuries the formation of the Azerbaijani people and language has already come to a conclusion.

The Azerbaijani language is part of the Turkic languages’ group, which has spread all over Eurasia (from the Pacific to Eastern Europe) since olden times. Undoubtedly the emergence of the Azerbaijani language and its development on a national basis is part of the common history of Turkic languages. The language has been formed on the differentiation of common Turkish language. However the extra complicated and varied ethno-linguistic geography of Azerbaijan indicates that historically this territory hasn’t undergone simple ethno-linguistic processes at all.

In origin it belongs to the Turkic languages’ group which, in turn is a member of the Altai languages’ family and is an agglutinative language (a suffix is added to a word’s root to make different gammatical forms).

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