Thor Heyerdahl: Scandinavians came from Azerbaijan

According to Thor Heyerdahl the Norwegian mythology tells that the Scandinavian god Odin moved with his people to Norway from a land called Aser, in order to avoid Roman occupation. A 13th-century historian’s description of Aser’s origination matches that of Azerbaijan: east of the Caucasus mountains and the Black Sea.
Heyerdahl and other scholar are convinced that people living in the area now known as Azerbaijan settled in Scandinavia around 100 AD. Roman troops arrived in Azerbaijan in 97 AD.
Odin came from the land of the “Aser” (Aeser), and is, therefore, frequently referred to as “Asa-Odin” (Aser-Odin). Continue reading

The origin of the Azerbaijani language

Since early times the Azerbaijanis were speaking proto-Turkic language. Yet in the early medieval times  (3rd-7th centuries), despite dialect differences, indigenous and migrated  Turkic ethnics began to merge as a unique nation. In this period some phonetic traits that differentiated the Azerbaijani language from other Turkish ones emerged. During the 7th and 8th centuries the formation of the Azerbaijani people and language has already come to a conclusion. Continue reading

Truth about the Sumgayit events

Sumqayit-hadiseleriThe tragic developments that unfolded in the city of Sumgayit of the Azerbaijan SSR in February 1988 were perhaps the most significant event of the final years of the USSR. Sparked off by Soviet secret services in an international and ethnically diverse major industrial city of Sumgayit, the ethnic clashes became a catalyst for the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. This web-site provides a collection of materials and a brief analysis of the impact the Sumgayit developments and the Karabakh conflict had on the subsequent fate of the entire Soviet Union.

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