5 Fun Language Learning Techniques

learnanewlanguageLearning another language can be tough, and sometimes it’s not much fun  learning all the grammar, the correct sentence structures and memorizing the new vocabulary.

To the rescue  are 5  fun language learning techniques that actually make it enjoyable.

#1 Play Scrabble in Your New Language
Playing Scrabble is a great way to build your vocabulary.  It will also help you recognize letter patterns and of course help your spelling.  I’ve been learning German for just over 5 months in an intensive German class and I find I need to tweak the rules a bit to have any chance of playing.  I play with a dictionary, which my German friends are not allowed to use.  If that’s still too difficult, you could also negotiate having an extra letter or two.  Playing Scrabble in German is more difficult than I had anticipated, but it is fun and a good challenge. Continue reading

Strategies for Language Learning

1045149-184x198Kató Lomb (Pécs, February 8, 1909 – Budapest, June 9, 2003) was a Hungarian interpreter, translator and one of the first simultaneous interpreters in the world. She knew 16 languages and shared the ways of mastering languages easily.Here are her requests:


Spend time tinkering with the language every day—if there is no more time available, then at least to the extent of a ten-minute monologue. Morning hours are especially valuable in this respect: the early bird catches the word! Continue reading

Learn English vocabulary (10 animated cartoons)

One of the easiest ways of learning a language is to live with that language, to include it to your daily life, to learn grammar, words and phrases not from textbooks, but from movies, daily conversations, real life. To help English learners, I decided to find and post videos that will assist them to learn more effectively.

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