Step by step

I have been writing blog since December, 2010. I learned creating and using blog from

“WeBlog” project held by Ireli Public Union. Creating and writing for the blog, I justthought about sharing my knowledge and my point of view on various issues, as well as some of my translations with different people. As I have a different profession, I didn’t intend  to become a journalist. However, day by day I began learning about blogging instantly, using social media equipments
which I owe to “Podblog” Podcasting project held by Netizen New Media organization, revealing what’s inside myself, revealing what I think about every-day events. All these made me keeping  more in touch with social events, reading more and writing constantly. I liked it to see how my site stats grow, how there are more likes and comments. :-) That meant, there are people who read my blog, there are people who like my writings. What a great motivation these LIKEs give!  :) Continue reading